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Shorten your learning curve & avoid costly mistakes with the training and personal support you need to build your first guitar or take your current guitars to the next level.


Online Training & Support For Luthier’s Of All Levels

When You join the Luthier’s EDGE you’ll get access to everything you need to help you grow as a luthier, skip the years of trial and error, feel more confident in your skills, get personalized help when you feel stuck, and do your best work.

on demand guitar making Courses

15 On-Demand Courses

Our ever growing library of highly detailed on-demand guitar making courses are designed to develop and refine your lutherie skills, techniques, and understanding of the guitar making process, taking the confusion and mystery out of handcrafting guitars.

Live stream luthier courses

Live Monthly Coaching

Once a month, join the conversation in the members only Q&A streaming event where Luthier Tom Bills answers your questions live and demonstrates key techniques and concepts to help you avoid mistakes and solve your lutherie challenges.

Luthier support

Personal Support

Get personal email support from Luthier Tom Bills to help you overcome the specific challenges you are facing, and properly apply the concepts and techniques you learned in our courses, so you feel less confused and more confident in your guitar making endeavors.

Starting at $25/mo (billed annually)

I love your approach, your rhythm, the fact that you really go in details and explain the whys and hows. Plus, you’re so calm and relaxing, you’re the Bob Ross of guitar building (with much better taste, in my opinion!)! 😀

Vincent N.

What Makes The Luthier’s EDGE So Different?

Here at the Luthier’s EDGE we know that you can’t build exceptional guitars by blindly following someone else’s steps. Our unique approach combines highly detailed and in-depth courses with personal 1-on-1 support from master luthier Tom Bills to help our students gain a deeper understanding of the guitar itself and how it works. This wholistic approach empowers them to grow beyond the basic DIY step-by-step approach, to start making their own educated choices and become confident and highly skilled luthiers, producing their own unique and exceptional guitars in a shorter amount of time.


Our unique & personal approach to guitar making instruction is designed to help you:


Skip the years of trial and error


Gain clarity of how the guitar works


Accelerate your growth as a luthier


Build unique & exceptional guitars


Feel more confident as a luthier


Get help & guidance you can trust

All from the safety of home without the hassle and expense of traveling.

Starting at $25/mo (billed annually)

Get Your Questions Answered In Real Time From A Pro Luthier

With Our Members Only-Live Streaming Support & Personalized Training

Q&A Jam Sessions are a great way to get your questions answered and even see live demonstrations from Tom Bills to help you solve problems, avoid mistakes, and apply what you learned in the Luthier’s EDGE courses.

Luthier’s EDGE members get access to:

  • This upcoming event
  • New livestream events each month
  • PLUS a searchable library to review or catch the ones you missed

Starting at $25/mo (billed annually)

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Members Get Access To Our Exclusive Video Training Library

Click the videos below to see an overview of each included course

Learn how to design and make a fanned fret fingerboard and incorporate the multi-scale fanned fret system into your guitar designs for a modern look and better playability.

Learn The Art Of French Polishing From Master Luthier Tom Bills. 68 part HD video tutorial course, teaches step by step how to French Polish a guitar. Registration now available.

Guitar Fretwork Mastery is part 1 of a multipart online video course designed to help you deliver better playing, more stable, and more consistent fretwork on your next guitar.

Guitar Fretwork Mastery is part 2 of a multipart online video course designed to help you deliver better playing, more stable, and more consistent fretwork on your next guitar.

The Art Of Guitar Design Online Video Course was designed to encourage, empower and inspire you to move beyond just making a copy, but to create the guitars that only you can.

Learn the secrets used by top professional luthiers to get flawless headstock binding with less stress and more control and artist freed to create just the right look for your next guitar.

This course is designed for luthiers of all skill levels covering the physics, design, and set-up of guitars to help you better engineer and optimize the tone and playability of your guitar. 

Learn how to inlay your guitar for the first time or refine your skills to make your work faster, easier, and less stressful and produce better results with Tom’s simple guitar inlay process.

Learn To Cut More Accurate & Reliable Dovetail Joints Detailed Video Course & Downloadable Blueprints. Learn about its design, alignment techniques, dovetail bits, and other critical components.

How To Make An Elevated Fingerboard Guitar is an online luthier course designed to help you add the elevated fingerboard design to your guitar with less stress and better results.

The Art Of Splitting Guitar Braces By Hand is an online luthier course designed to help you improve your bracing, your guitars, & your luthier skills. Learn how to select & prepare your bracing for optimal tone.

In this Video Course & Tutorial, master luthier Tom Bills shares his insights, experience, and step by step approach to effectively using carbon fiber to make stronger and more stable guitar necks.

Learn how to build your own luthier’s cabinet and about all the benefits that come with it. You’ll also get some important design tips to make your cabinet more efficient and Downloadable Blueprints.

In this video course you will be guided though each step of the process or building your perfect workbench from design, to wood choice and preparation, building and finishing. Detailed Blueprints are also included.

Learn how to build a stunning backstrap on your next guitar with this step-by-step online video course. You will be guided through each step of the process including tools, materials, design, and more, no detail is left out.

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Plus you’ll get access to new courses as they are released!

Starting at $25/mo (billed annually)

I love the coursework. I’m so happy I found Luthier’s EDGE … I love videos so much, easy to follow. and you can choose coursework that applies to where you are in the process. I love being part of a community of like minded people.

Amanda P.

Members Also Get Access To Our Step-By-Step Photo Tutorial Library

*16 Included With Your Luthier’s EDGE Membership (+ New Tutorials When Added)

French Polish Book Cover
fan fret book
Guitar Inlay Book Cover
glue book cover
T3 Tuner Book Cover
side sound port book
backstrapping book cover
carbon fiber book cover
guitar pufling book
quick shellac book
HS binding book
linings book
fit braces book
precision purf book
resizing book
Luthiers Cab Ebook Cover thumb

Join To Get Instant Access To The Photo Tutorial Library

Starting at $25/mo (billed annually)

It’s not just your training that’s incredible, it’s also your commitment to all of us that are part of the Luthier’s EDGE. Thank you so much for being there to answer every one of my questions I’ve asked in the seminars and in my emails to you. For those reasons I am extremely happy with the luthier training.

Don G.

More Great Features You’ll Get With The Luthier’s EDGE


Never lose your place again. Your new Luthier’s EDGE account will now track your progress as you complete each video and each course. You can pick up right where you left off and never miss a beat.

2.0 progress tracking
2.0 earn digital badges for each course


When you successfully complete a course and pass the final exam, you will be awarded a digital badge that can be shared anyplace online such as Linkedin, Facebook, IG, or put it on your website.


Your new Luthier’s EDGE account also includes printable certificates with your name and date completed. They are awarded when you complete a course and pass the final exam successfully.

2.0 printable certificates

"Tom’s dedication to the art is beyond compare. So too is his willingness to share his hard-earned knowledge and that is no small gift."

05 Robin Lawless – Canada

"You don’t just show off a lot of tricks, but you actually do a whole instrument with all potential thing"s that can come up.

Sveinung Lilleheier – Norway

"Your videos have explained it all in the clearest, most detailed, and most practical way!!! I just love how you have broken down your process into all the little steps"

Kathy Matsushita

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I have learn mostly from books, I love books and YouTube, but your method is perfect for me. You show it in way that I am not only learning how to but also to take my time and working the right way.

Jean-Guy J.

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