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How To Make An Elevated Fingerboard Guitar
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Learn How This Course Can Help You Add An Elevated Fingerboard To Your Next Guitar!
Thank you for creating this course, I’ve been waiting for you to put this on Luthier’s Edge, awesome insight and techniques. I really enjoyed watching you work through the different techniques, especially the band-saw cutting techniques and sanding, planing to get everything to fit.
Richard O.

My Secret Weapon & How This Course Can Help You
“How to make an elevated fingerboard guitar is an online luthier course designed to help you incorporate one of my favorite design elements into your next steel string or classical guitar with less stress, less mistakes, and better results.

I started using the elevated fingerboard design on my guitars over 15 years ago and I loved it so much that I still use it today on every guitar I make. The elevated fingerboard design element is one of my secret weapons for creating guitars that players love and that I love to build. It took years of sometimes painful experimentation to arrive at my current system, design approach, and workflow – all of which I share with you in this new guitar making course.

Over the years I have discovered that when implemented properly, the elevated fingerboard design can result in several key advantages such as; better upper fret access, better setup and playability, and even a more beautiful and sweet tone.

 how to make an elevated fingerboard guitar
That is great for my clients and the players who use my guitars, but here’s another really cool thing, using this system for the elevated fingerboard design also makes my job as a luthier easier too.

The methods and techniques I share in this course allow me (and will allow you) to stress less and enjoy the experience of creating my guitars more, because my systems are designed in a way that helps to ensure that the neck angles, setup and bridge saddle height are perfect every time. Even if a small mistake is made, the systems you will learn are designed in a way to help you fix them and still have flawless results.

I made this online luthier course because I want you to experience how fun and rewarding this is for yourself (and for the players who use your guitars) without the painful years of trial and error as you incorporate the elevated fingerboard guitar design element into your next guitar!” – Tom Bills

How To Make An Elevated Fingerboard Guitar
Course Outline
Elevated Fingerboard Guitar tools and basic fundamentals
Elevated Fingerboard Basics
Learn key concepts of the elevated fingerboard design as well as acoustic and classical guitar fundamentals. He also explains in detail how adding the elevated fingerboard to his guitars has helped him to improve his guitar building process, reduce stress, build better and more consistent guitars, and enjoy the process more.
Elevated fingerboard guitar design
Elevated Fingerboard Design
In this Lesson Tom reveals his design secrets to help you incorporate the elevated fingerboard element into your guitar designs while avoiding common mistakes. He also shares some examples as he explains his simple process of incorporating the elevated fingerboard design with ease and great results every time.
Elevated fingerboard guitar demonstration how to
Step-By-Step Demonstration
Time to start building. In this section Tom walks you step-by-step through his process for layout out, cutting, and precisely fitting an elevated fingerboard neck onto a guitar body. He covers each step I great detail and also includes many important tips and demonstrates each technique to fully equip you to build your elevated fingerboard guitar.
Add An Elevated Fingerboard To You Next Guitar!
With less stress and better results – the first time.
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No need to scrub though long videos, with just a couple of clicks you can find just the information you need and get back splitting the braces by hand for your next guitar.

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How To Make An Elevated Fingerboard Guitar

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