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Luthier & Guitar Making Video Courses

Fretwork Mastery Guitar Course Part 2

Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2

Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2 is available exclusively to members of The Luthier’s EDGE Learn More About The Luthier’s EDGE …

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Dovetail Jig Thumbnail

Ultimate Guitar Dovetail Jig (Blueprints & Video Course)

Click Here To Access Ultimate Guitar Dovetail Jig Course Ultimate Guitar Dovetail Jig & BlueprintsIncluded With Your Luthier’s EDGE membership …

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Guitar Fretwork Mastery

Learn Secrets For Perfect Guitar Fretwork (Online Video Course)

Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2 is available exclusively to members of The Luthier’s EDGE Join The Luthier’s EDGE Now! Guitar …

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Guitar Inlay Featured Image

Guitar Inlay Video Course (Learn To Do Better Inlay)

Click Here To Access The Guitar Inlay Course Guitar Inlay Video Course – FREE for Luthier’s EDGE Members Want To …

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Headstock Binding Course

The Art Of Headstock Binding

Click Here To Access The Art Of Headstock Binding The Art Of Headstock Binding Luthier Video Course Learn The Techniques …

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2015 12 09 0022

How To Make A Fanned Fret Guitar

Click Here To Access The Fanned Fret Guitar Course & More! New Video Course: How To Make A Fanned Fret …

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Lutherie & Guitar Making Books

Guitar making Book

The Art Of Lutherie Guitar Making Book & Online Videos

The Perfect Companion To Any Step By Step Guitar Building Guide With so many great step-by-step guitar making guides available, …

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Luthier Wall Chart Post Image

Luthier Wall Chart

Introducing a new resource for luthiers, designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the guitar functions acoustically. …

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Guitar Making Articles & Tutorials For Luthiers

Workbench Castors Review Thumb 1

Retractable Castors For Your Workbench (Installation Tips & Review )

A Luthier’s Cabinet can help protect your guitars, improve your guitar shop workflow and improve your peace of mind during the building process (Blueprints)

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Guitar Humidity 1

Guitar Humidity (The Ultimate Guide)

Did you know that humidity, the amount of water in the air, is an invisible threat that can drastically impact …

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Choosing The Right Fret Crowning File

Fret Crowning Files (Luthier’s Guide)

The importance of doing great fret work on your guitars can not be over stressed, and having the right fret …

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Hand Split Tone Bars

Hand Split Tone Bars (A simple way to improve your next guitar)

One of the core aspects of the art of lutherie is understanding wood on its most basic levels. Everything from …

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Guitar Maker Christmas Wish List.fw

Guitar Making Tools Wish List (2018)

In case you were wondering what guitar making tools to put on your luthier list this year, I put together …

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Art Of Lutherie Christmas Count Down

The Art Of Lutherie Countdown To Christmas Giveaway 2017

Sometimes Christmas is tough for us luthiers, when people ask us what’s on our wish list and we reply, “I’d …

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The Art Of Lutherie is an online Luthier School offering Guitar Building Classes and other resources to help you build your first guitar and continue to refine and improve your guitars regardless of how many you've made before. We aim to offer useful guitar making courses and provide guitar building tutorials, articles, and other luthier related information to help you build better guitars
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