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The Art Of Lutherie Book

Learn the “WHY” behind the steps, and start doing your highest quality, most fulfilling, and most creative lutherie work.

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If you have been reading “how-to” books that only tell you how to go through the steps of building a guitar, when what you really want to know is “WHY”, this book is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Understanding the “Why”, the underlying foundational principles that dictate many of the decisions we make when building custom guitars is vital.

This knowledge can help you gain a deeper understanding of why others have developed the systems and techniques that they use, but more importantly, it can empower you to make your own educated choices, and create the unique guitars that only you can. The world needs your art, your guitar, your important contribution.

the art of lutherie printed book
The Perfect Companion To Any Guitar Making Guide

Guitar Fretwork Course - Tom Bills Master LuthierWith so many great step-by-step guitar making guides available, I decided that the best way I could help the aspiring guitar builder was to share my valuable secrets that go beyond just “step-by-step”.

“The Art of Lutherie” is NOT a Step By Step or How To make guitars book, but is designed to be a companion to the step-by-step manuals so that you can be empowered to see beneath the surface of the steps themselves, and make educated choices as you build your guitar, making your own choices and understanding why.

I believe this can unlock a new-found freedom to truly create YOUR art, and can take your guitars to a new and higher level.

“I believe The Art Of Luthiere Book/Videos won’t just be the next step for you as a luthier, but a quantum leap!“- Tom Bills – Master Luthier
The Art Of Lutherie Book Can Help You:
Think Systematically
Deepen your understanding of how the guitar works as a system
Understand Voicing
Fine-tune your understanding and ability to customize the voice & tone of your guitars
Improve Playability
Enhance the play-ability and set-up of your guitars from the ground up
Be You
Stop just recreating someone else’s guitars from a blueprint and start creating YOUR guitars, YOUR unique works of art
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Get the missing peace of the puzzle you need to get more from your other training and start doing your best luthier work now.

Advanced Topics Simply Explained For Luthier’s Of Any Level

Three Great Features:


The art of lutherie is a small book, only 55 pages.


It is bound so that it can open all the way up and lay flat on your workbench.


It is priced unbelievably low so virtually anyone can access this information.

Why are these things important to me? Let me explain:

When writing this book, my goal was to create a book that could present complex ideas and advanced concepts in a simple and easy to understand way.

A way that wasn’t overly intellectual and lofty, but practical and useful.I endeavored to distill what I hope will be the most beneficial guitar making techniques and concepts I have to offer you into as few pages as I could.. This accomplished another important goal which was to keep the price of the book as low as possible, so that even if you are a struggling guitar maker just starting your journey, like I once was, you can gain access to this vital information that I believe will revolutionize your guitar building.

And lastly, I wanted this to be a practical book, not bound to look pretty on the shelf, but one that can conveniently open all the way up on your workbench as you apply these new-found insights to your custom guitars and unlock YOUR guitar’s unique style and voice.

Take a peek inside
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The Art Of Lutherie Book Also Includes Online Videos!
7 Videos included:

Scale Length




Neck Geometry


Soundboard Thickness


Bridge Position


Tap Tuning


Tone Wood

Why include videos?

Some aspects of guitar making are impossible to express in writing alone, so we created a companion DVD that includes 7 supplemental videos.

In each video I demonstrate and explain some of the important concepts from the text such as my own personal ideas about Tap Tuning and other vital topics.

My goal was to make it as clear as possible in order to help you use these advanced techniques to enhance your skills as a custom guitar maker and find your unique voice.

the art of lutherie printed book
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