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The Art Of Guitar Design: Online Video Course

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Learn to design YOUR own truly unique guitars … YOUR Art
The Art Of Guitar Design Online Video Course was designed to encourage, empower and inspire you to move beyond just making a kit guitar or a copy, but to create the unique guitars that only you can create. Luthier Tom Bills shares with you his special techniques, tricks, and hard won wisdom from years of hand crafting unique instruments for top players and collectors worldwide.
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The Art Of Guitar Design: Course Outline
Goal Setting
Step 1 Listening
Step 2 Analysis
Step 3 Write It Down
The Art Of Asking Questions
Workspace & Materials
The Artist’s Pallet
The Work Board
Paper & Tools
Basic Layout
Choosing The Scale
Layout & Scale
Full Scale Drawing
Composite Drawing
Strings & Fingerboard
Body Shape
Compensation & Enharmonicity
Aesthetic & Other Considerations
Bracing Patterns
Top Bracing
Controlling The Top
Bracing Design
Bracing Profiles
Back & Side View
Back Bracing
Body Tuning
Drawing Side View
Headstock Side View
Composite & Side Depth
Templates & Tonewood
Intro To Templates
Making A Template
Jigs & Mockups
Evaluating Your Work
Thank You
The Art Of Guitar Design: Online Video Course
There are guitar players out there right now who need the guitar that only you can create!
Mobile Friendly Videos To View Anytime Anyplace
Videos Designed For Convenience & Easy Reference
Videos are delivered via our premium online streaming service in HD quality.

Videos are broken in to short bit sized pieces for better retention of material, more convenient viewing and to assist in easier future reference.

No need to scrub though long videos, with just a couple clicks you can find just the information you need your own unique guitars, your own works of art!

The Art Of Guitar Design: Online Video Course

Online Video Course

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