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2015 12 09 0022

How To Make A Fanned Fret Guitar

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New Video Course: How To Make A Fanned Fret Guitar

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My Story: The Fanned Fret Guitar Breakthrough

“I started building fanned fret guitars because I liked the way they looked and thought the ergonomic benefits were great too, but I never dreamed that in the process I would stumble onto a discovery that would revolutionize my approach to guitar building. That breakthrough discovery came when I realized just how much control I could gain over the tone of my guitars by being able to precisely control the scale lengths for each string.

tbguitars photoThe experience of building fanned fret guitars caused a serious improvement to all my guitars regardless of design, because it helped me to understand scale length and what was happening inside the string itself on a deeper level than I had in the past.

My hope is that this course will not only empower and inspire you to design and build your fanned fret guitar, but that this information will have the same deep and transformative effect on you and your guitars as it did on me and mine.” – Tom Bills

Watch This Video Overview To Learn How This Course Can Help You Build A Fanned Fret Guitar!


Click Here To Access The Fanned Fret Guitar Course & More!

Course Outline: How To Make A Fanned Fret Guitar

Section #1: Fanned Fret Foundations


Beginning with a solid grasp on the fundamentals of scale length and other factors involved in the fanned fret system is key to developing a successful fanned fret guitar. The first section is dedicated to making these sometimes confusing concepts easy to understand on a practical level. The instruction then moves to focus on clearly explaining the solution and artistic freedom the fanned fret design gives the luthier. Lastly Tom shares his advice and guidance to help you begin to design your first fanned fret guitar.

  • Introduction To Fanned Fret Guitars
  • Why Fanned Fret Guitars?
  • Your First Fanned Fret

Section #2: Fanned Fret Guitar Design


Design choices such as choosing scale lengths and how to lay them out for the best sound and play-ability. Bracing changes are examined as well as compensation and other important design factors.

  • Fanned Fret Design
  • Choosing Scale Lengths
  • Printing Scale Positions
  • Setting Master Fret
  • Nut Location
  • Fingerboard Width
  • Establishing String Paths
  • String Paths And Nut
  • Saddle Position
  • Main Fret Positions 1
  • Main Fret positions 2
  • Bracing Considerations 1
  • Bracing Considerations 2
  • Saddle Compensation

Section #3: Layout – Preparing The Fingerboard


Next Tom shows his methods for accurately marking the fret positions and string paths to prepare the fingerboard blank for cutting. This is where you will make the jump from designing on paper to actually making your fanned fret guitar fingerboard.

  • Introduction
  • Marking The Fingerboard
  • Master Fret & Fingerboard Width
  • Fingerboard Width
  • String Paths
  • Nut Position
  • Marking Fret Positions
  • Fixing Mistakes & Marking Frets
  • Marking Fret Lines
  • Actual Scale and Double Checking
  • Checking Fret To Fret

Section #4: Fret Slotting Techniques


Unless we know how to accurately cut the fret slots then all our hard work and double checking would be in vein. Tom’s special techniques and secrets for making the fret slot cutting process much easier to do and more accurate.

  • Intro To Cutting Fret Slots
  • Tools And Materials For Cutting
  • Method For Cutting Slots
  • Mastering The Sawing Technique
  • Cutting Fret Slots
  • Checking Fret Slots
  • Refining The Cutting Technique
  • Cutting Final Fret Slots
  • Binding and Purfling Considerations
  • Preping Fingerboard For Binding

Section #5: Alignment And Headstock Angles


In order of the fanned fret guitar to be a successful project, the fingerboard must be properly aligned with the body in relation the desired bridge location. Tom shares his unique approach to ensuring precise alignment and bridge placement and also shares his techniques and approach to the unique headstock geometry resulting from the fanned fret arrangement.

  • Intro – Preparing Fingerboard
  • Refining the Nut Edge
  • Center-line
  • Fingerboard Alignment
  • Preparing The Neck Blank
  • Marking Nut Location
  • Headstock Angles
  • Prep For Bound Headstock
  • Headstock Face
  • Headstock Prep
  • Fingerboard Stop
  • Planing The Fingerboard Stop

Section #6: Materials & Resources


In the Fanned fret Guitar Course this section includes links to all material, tools and resources used by Tom to make his guitars and also those demonstrated int eh course itself. Some fo the tools and resources include:

  • Drawing Tools
  • Cutting
  • Measuring
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Bonus – EBook Download

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Understanding Fanned Fret Guitars – eBook

Understanding Fanned Fret Guitars - Book Cover

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Download
  • Guitar Scale Length
  • Guitar Tone Design
  • History Of Multi-scale
  • Effects Of String Tension
  • Effects Of String Mass
  • Effects Of String Thickness
  • Overtones Series
  • Ergonomics Of Fanned Frets
  • Single Scale Problem
  • Fanned Fret Solution
  • Exclusive Video 

The Easy Way To Understand Fanned Fret Guitars

Fanned Fret Guitar Book

At first glance the fanned fret guitar design can seem confusing or even overwhelming to a luthier. This book is designed to be a simple introduction to the fanned fret guitar and each of the different elements within it’s system, how they work together, and how to use this understanding to design your own fanned fret guitar.

This exclusive ebook also contains an easy to understand look into the important aspects of fanned fret guitars and how they effect the sound and feel of the guitar such as string tension, string mass, string thickness, overtones, and much more.

Mobile Friendly Videos To View Anytime Anyplace

FFG Ipad

Videos Designed For Convenience & Easy Reference

Videos are delivered via our premium online streaming service in HD quality. Videos are broken in to short bit sized pieces for better retention of material, more convenient viewing and to assist in easier future reference. No need to scrub though long videos, with just a couple clicks you can find just the information you need and get back to building your fanned fret guitar.

5 Video Sections

1 Resource Section

51 HD Quality Videos

Fanned Fret Class Pages

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About the Author

TomTom Bills has been hand crafting one of a kind custom guitars for the top players and collectors around the world since 1998. Tom is also the author of the guitar making book/DVD set - The Art Of Lutherie - published by Mel Bay, and has written for and been featured in may publications both in print and online as well as several television and film spots. You can view and learn more about his guitars by visiting his website: tbguitars.comView all posts by Tom →

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