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Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2
Fret Leveling, Crowning, & Polishing

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Learn To Master The Fretwork On Your Next Guitar!

Guitar Fretwork Mastery is part 2 of a multi-part online video course which along with
Fretwork Mastery Part 1 is designed to help you deliver better playing, more stable,
and more consistent fretwork on your guitars.

Guitar Fretwork Course - Tom Bills Master Luthier“If you’ve been building guitars for any length of time you probably know that the quality of the fretwork can make or break your guitar.

Even though your guitar might sound amazing, if your fretwork is NOT absolutely perfect, the great sound doesn’t really matter! The player won’t feel comfortable and it won’t become his favorite guitar.

I created this new course to give you my tricks, techniques, and secrets that I spent many years developing and perfecting, and that I still use on my guitars today with great results.

With these same techniques that I will be showing you, I have been able to meet and surpass my client’s expectations consistently from guitar to guitar, year after year, and even beat the PLEK on three different guitars tested over a three year period!

Here’s just a few things you will be learning in part 2 of this course:

  • Fretwork Tools: We start by discussing each tool you need to do great fretwork with a focus on the specific tools used in the course.
  • Compound Radius: Then I show you my secrets for easily executing a perfect compound radius and discuss its importance in obtaining the best playability for your guitar.
  • Fret Crowning & Polishing: Next I reveal my systems for maximizing the beauty and feeling of the frets while preserving the perfect playing surface.
  • And Much More: There is so much more that I can’t cover it all here…

I believe this will be a lot of fun and will help you build better and more playable guitars!“- Tom Bills – Master Luthier

Course Outline: Fretwork Mastery Part 2

1 intro and tools
Introduction, Tools & Set Up
In this lesson, we will be discussing our goals for this phase of the fretwork and the various tools used in this course. I will also be demonstrating my methods for properly protecting the guitar and setting up my works space for reducing stress and getting the best results.
Fret Ends – Cleaning & Prep

In this lesson, I will be sharing with you my techniques for properly cleaning and preparing the fret ends as well as how I like to protect the fingerboard during the fret leveling process. I never skip these steps, cleaning and prepping the fret ends is essential to making the rest of the process easier and getting the best results.

Fret Leveling
In this section, I will be explaining and demonstrating my compound radius fret leveling technique. I’ll also discuss the proper adjustments needed for optimal fret leveling results as well as discussing some problem-solving logic to help you get great results even if in you run into a fingerboard surface that is less than perfect.
Fret Crowning
Once the Fret leveling step is properly completed our next task is to accurately crown the frets, restoring their shape for proper intonation while preserving the newly level playing surface that we created. In this section, I will be demonstrating and discussing my fret crowning process, techniques, and thoughts.
Fret Polishing
Now that we have properly leveled and crowned our frets to ensure a great playing surface, we are ready to start work on the look and feel of the frets. In this section, I will be demonstrating my techniques for refining and perfecting the look and feel of the frets and the fret ends.
Final Touches
In this final section, I will discuss some important thoughts and demonstrate my methods for adding the finishing touches needed in order to complete our fretwork and reach our goal: Creating the Best possible playing experience for the owner of this guitar.
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