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Ultimate Guitar Dovetail Jig (Blueprints & Video Course)

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Ultimate Guitar Dovetail Jig & Blueprints
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Learn To Cut More Accurate & Reliable Dovetail Joints
Detailed Video Course & Downloadable Blueprints

guitar dovetail jig and blueprint download“I went through countless designs and years of trial and error before reaching the design I share with you in this course.

As with everything we do here in the Luthier’s EDGE, the goal of this dovetail jig blueprint and video course is to share my system to save you time, improve the quality of your guitars, and to make the process of building your guitars more enjoyable.

AND at the same time to explain the inner workings and finer points of this system (and the thinking behind it), so that you can fully understand how to refine and modify it to become – YOUR ultimate dovetail jig – that perfectly fits your style and workflow and helps you improve your guitars. – Tom Bills

Here’s just a few things you will be learning in this course:

  • Dovetail Neck Jig An in-depth explanation of the design and all the fine tuning needed to make it work for your deisgn
  • Body Dovetail Jig Learn how to properly align the jigs to get more accurate cuts without the worry (Hint: alignment is the key)
  • Router Set-up The right dovetail bit, guides, and settings are critical components you’ll learn about in this course.
  • And Much More:There is so much more that I can’t cover it all here, so check out the course overview below.
    I believe this will be a lot of fun and will help you build better guitars and stress less about dovetail joints!“- Tom Bills – Master Luthier

    Course Outline: Ultimate Guitar Dovetail Jig

    Section #1: Getting Started

    guitar dovetail jig 1

    In this section Tom shares the background and development of his dovetail jig system and introduces this course which was designed to give you a solid foundation from which designing YOUR ultimate dovetail jig.

    Videos Included In This Section

    Section #2: Neck Dovetail System

    dovetail 2

    In this section Tom explains how and why the dovetail jig is designed as it is. He also points out critical details and how to adjust the design to fit your guitar and workflow.

    Videos Included In This Section

    Section #3: Body Mortise System

    dovetail guitar body jig

    Cutting the dovetail pocket in the guitar body doesn’t have to be nerve wracking. In this section Tom explain his system for cutting the pocket with accuracy and reliability as well as what elements you might need to modify for your unique guitars.

    Videos Included In This Section

    Section #4: Router Setup

    dovetail router setup

    In this section Tom shows you the router setup, bits, guides, and even gives a few extra tips to help you get the most accurate dovetail joints possible from this system.

    Videos Included In This Section

    Section #5: Links & Resources

    engraving inlay

    Links to tools and materials mentioned in the course can be found here

    Included In This Section

    • Tools
    • Materials
    • Supplies
    • And More

    Section #6: Blueprints

    guitar dovetail blueprints

    Detailed Blueprints for the Guitar Dovetail System are included for download with this video course.(please log in to download)

    • Download Blueprints

    Want To Cut More Perfect Dovetail Joints?

    Take a shortcut to deveolping a refined and accurate system for making perfect dovetail joints every time.

    Click Here To Access The Ultimate Dovetail Jig Course

    Mobile Friendly Videos To View Anytime Anyplace

    Guitar Dovetail Jig video course and blueprints

    Videos Designed For Convenience & Easy Reference

    Videos are delivered via our premium online streaming service in HD quality.

    Videos are broken in to short bit sized pieces for better retention of material, more convenient viewing and to assist in easier future reference.

    No need to scrub though long videos, with just a couple clicks you can find just the information you need and get back Cutting perfect dovetail joints for your guitars.

    4 Video Sections

    9 HD Quality Videos

    Learn This Sytem For Better Dovetail Joints & Improve Your Guitars Today!

    Click Here To Access The Ultimate Guitar Dovetail Jig Course

    About the Author

    TomTom Bills has been hand crafting one of a kind custom guitars for the top players and collectors around the world since 1998. Tom is also the author of the guitar making book/DVD set - The Art Of Lutherie - published by Mel Bay, and has written for and been featured in may publications both in print and online as well as several television and film spots. You can view and learn more about his guitars by visiting his website: tbguitars.comView all posts by Tom →

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