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10 Awesome Tools To Supercharge Your Guitar Fret Installation

The Fret Tools I use And Recommend

Welcome to This edition of the Art Of Lutherie Podcast! In this episode, I show you my 10 favorite tools for fret installation in a video clip taken from my online guitar making course Fretwork Mastery Part 1. In this podcast I also share some of my personal experiences, stories, and encouragement about overcoming the stumbling blocks that tried to hold me back from building my first guitar and from stepping out to improve the guitars I was already building. I hope you’ll find this podcast useful, encouraging, and inspiring to help you move forward and overcome those negative voices in your life that are trying to hold you back. All of us here at The Art Of Lutherie and the Luthier’s EDGE are cheering you on, so go for it, you can do it!

Video Podcast Resources:

Here are the links to my favorite Fret Installation tools that I featured in the podcast video and a couple extra:

  1. Dead Blow Fret Hammer
  2. Fret Slot Cleaning Tools
  3. Precision Ruler 16r
  4. Radius Sanding Beams and Blocks
  5. Fret Barber Tool
  6. Streight Edge Tool
  7. Fret Press
  8. Cyno Glue – *Medium Viscosity
  9. Small Fret File
  10. Fret Beveling Tool
  11. Fret Tang Nippers
  12. Fret crowning file
  13. Fret Saw

The Art Of Lutherie Podcast E3

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