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The Art Of Lutherie Guitar Making Book & Online Videos

Guitar making Book

The Art Of Lutherie Guitar Making Book & Online Videos

Introducing The Art Of Lutherie Book / Online Video set!

If you have been reading “how-to” books that only tell you how to go through the steps of building a guitar, when what you really want to know is “WHY”, this book is the missing piece of the puzzle. Understanding the “Why”, the underlying foundational principles that dictate many of the decisions we make when building custom guitars is vital. This knowledge can help you gain a deeper understanding of why others have developed the systems and techniques that they use, but more importantly, it can empower you to make your own educated choices, and create the unique guitars that only you can. The world needs your art, your guitar, your important contribution.


The Art Of Lutherie Book/Videos

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Topics Covered

  • Concepts of guitar design
  • The guitar as a system
  • Set-up & Geometry
  • Main components
  • Understanding Bracing Patterns
  • Tap Tuning / Voicing
  • Mass & Stiffness
  • Visual Harmony
  • And more!
Tom Bills Author photo.fw

“I believe The Art of Lutherie Book/Videos won’t just be the next step for you as a luthier, but a quantum leap!” – Tom

The Perfect Companion To Any Step By Step Guitar Building Guide

With so many great step-by-step guitar making guides available, I decided that the best way I could help the aspiring guitar builder was to share my valuable secrets that go beyond just “step-by-step”. “The Art of Lutherie” is NOT a Step By Step or How To make guitars book, but is designed to be a companion to the step-by-step manuals so that you can be empowered to see beneath the surface of the steps themselves, and make educated choices as you build your guitar, making your own choices and understanding why. I believe this can unlock a new-found freedom to truly create YOUR art, and can take your guitars to a new and higher level.

The Art Of Lutherie Book/Videos Can Help You:

  • Deepen your understanding of how the guitar works as a system
  • Fine-tune your understanding and ability to customize the voice & tone of your guitars
  • Enhance the play-ability and set-up of your guitars from the ground up
  • Stop just recreating someone else’s guitars from a blueprint and start creating YOUR guitars, YOUR unique works of art

Advanced Material Accessible to Luthiers On Any Level

3 things that make this book even better:

  • The art of lutherie is a small book, only 55 pages.
  • It is bound so that it can open all the way up and lay flat on your workbench.
  • It is priced unbelievably low so virtually anyone can access this information.

Why are these three things important to me? Let me explain:

When writing this book, my goal was to create a book that could present complex ideas and advanced concepts in a simple and easy to understand way. A way that wasn’t overly intellectual and lofty, but practical and useful.I endeavored to distill what I hope will be the most beneficial guitar making techniques and concepts I have to offer you into as few pages as I could.. This accomplished another important goal which was to keep the price of the book as low as possible, so that even if you are a struggling guitar maker just starting your journey, like I once was, you can gain access to this vital information that I believe will revolutionize your guitar building. And lastly, I wanted this to be a practical book, not bound to look pretty on the shelf, but one that can conveniently open all the way up on your workbench as you apply these new-found insights to your custom guitars and unlock YOUR guitar’s unique style and voice.

Here’s A Peek Inside:

Guitar Making BookThe Art Of Lutherie Book


The Art Of Lutherie Online Videos Included!

Some aspects of guitar making are impossible to express in writing alone, so we created a companion DVD that includes 7 supplemental videos in which I demonstrate and explain some of the important concepts from the text such as my own personal ideas about Tap Tuning and other vital topics. My goal was to make it as clear as possible in order to help you use these advanced techniques to enhance your skills as a custom guitar maker and find your unique voice.

7 Videos included:

  • Scale Length
  • Thickness
  • Neck Geometry
  • Soundboard Thickness
  • Bridge Position
  • Tap Tuning
  • Tone Wood
The Art Of Lutherie guitar Making Book

The Art Of Lutherie Book/Video Set

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Will this book teach me how to build a guitar?

No, this book is only a guide to enhancing the design you already have, and as a companion to a step-by-step guide if you are using one. For step-by-step guitar building instruction you will need a different book.

About the Author

TomTom Bills has been hand crafting one of a kind custom guitars for the top players and collectors around the world since 1998. Tom is also the author of the guitar making book/DVD set - The Art Of Lutherie - published by Mel Bay, and has written for and been featured in may publications both in print and online as well as several television and film spots. You can view and learn more about his guitars by visiting his website: tbguitars.comView all posts by Tom →

  1. Paul Weaver
    Paul Weaver08-22-2014

    Hi All,

    I wanted to share my experience with this beautiful book, The Art of Lutherie. This book, which I feel is geared towards someone with a couple of guitars under their belt, contains many interesting tips and tricks. It is certainly not as complete as Tradition and Technology (a great step by step book) but is does offer great insights into many of the most challenging aspects of building… tap tuning, and tone wood selection…

    I recommend giving this book a read!
    Paul Weaver

    • Tom

      Hi Paul,

      I am glad to hear you found my book helpful! You are right, my book is not a step by step guide, but it is intended to help explain deeper insights into why we take each step and how to begin to find your own creative path as a luthier.

      Thanks for taking time to share your experience with my book, The Art Of Lutherie, I really appreciate it!


  2. Chris Ross
    Chris Ross06-15-2016

    Hello all!

    Firstly, thank you Tom, for a most wonderful book!
    I downloaded the eBook version first and read it all in a single, breath-abated sitting. This was food for my soul, and good food, at that.

    As Paul has mentioned, this is more a why-to than a how-to book, but for me, the why-to drives the how-to.

    So, even though I already own William Cumpiano’s Tradition and Technology, Stanley Doubtfire’s Make Your Own Classical Guitar and John Bogdanocivh’s Classical Guitar Making, plus many others (I do my research using the Stanley Kubrick method – read everything in print first), I found that none get really stuck into the basic theories and first principles as completely deeply and as intuitively as this one does.

    Before The Art of Lutherie, I found myself going into the process of actually following the steps to build my own classical guitar with some trepidation, like feeling one’s way in the darkness, books and Youtube videos notwithstanding.

    Tom’s book has put all that unease to rest for me, once and for all. I now have a solid base on why. The hows follow on from that, and now I can find my own way.


    I just bought a print version too, just to have and hold it. It’s a feeling thing, you know!

    ps/given that I’m a relative beginner, Tom, which build-along book out of the ones in print might your own methods resemble most? Just to cover the rest of those bases!

    Thank you for reading this, and a hearty plus one for Paul’s recommendation!


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