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Guitar Humidity 1

Guitar Humidity (The Ultimate Guide)

Did you know that humidity, the amount of water in the air, is an invisible threat that can drastically impact the longevity of your guitars as well as the stability and quality of the guitars you build? Properly understanding the delicate relationship between wood, water AND guitars can be very confusing, which is why I have created this special guide …

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Choosing The Right Fret Crowning File

Fret Crowning Files (Luthier’s Guide)

The importance of doing great fret work on your guitars can not be over stressed, and having the right fret crowning file can help you do your best work in less time and with less frustration. I believe quality fretwork plays a large part in making your guitars feel more comfortable and look great too. If you’re a guitar player, …

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Hand Split Tone Bars

Hand Split Tone Bars (A simple way to improve your next guitar)

One of the core aspects of the art of lutherie is understanding wood on its most basic levels. Everything from the cell structure to grain spacing, grain orientations, growth patterns, density, and more, are on my mind as I look at a potential piece of wood for a component of a guitar that I’m working on. Some of the most …

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Guitar Maker Christmas Wish List.fw

Guitar Making Tools Wish List (2018)

In case you were wondering what guitar making tools to put on your luthier list this year, I put together a list of tools I use and a few thoughts about why I like them. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and not a list of everything you need to build a guitar, it’s just a few ideas …

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Art Of Lutherie Christmas Count Down

The Art Of Lutherie Countdown To Christmas Giveaway 2017

Sometimes Christmas is tough for us luthiers, when people ask us what’s on our wish list and we reply, “I’d like a fret crowning file and a new fret leveling beam”, they usually get a blank look and as politely as possible say something like, “are you sure you wouldn’t rather just have a new shirt instead?” They don’t understand …

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Fretwork Mastery Guitar Course Part 2

Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2

Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2 is available exclusively to members of The Luthier’s EDGE Learn More About The Luthier’s EDGE Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2: Fret Leveling, Crowning, & Polishing What Is “Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2”? Guitar Fretwork Mastery Part 2 is the second installment of a multipart online video course which along with Fretwork Mastery Part 1 is …

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Meet The Member Karan Singh

Luthier’s EDGE Meet The Member – Karan Singh

  Luthier’s EDGE Meet The Member: Karan Singh   Can you tell me a little bit about your background (your story) and how you got started making guitars? My profession in an earlier life was running workshops on Team Building and Leadership Development for different organizations, as a consultant. I would also coach them one on one to help them …

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Luthiers Cabinet Blueprint And Video Course

The Luthier’s Cabinet – The Art Of Lutherie Podcast #6

A Luthier’s Cabinet can help protect your guitars, improve your guitar shop workflow and improve your peace of mind during the building process (Blueprints)

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A Simple Guitar Finishing Trick – Art Of Lutherie Podcast #5

A simple guitar finishing technique specifically for French polishing resinous woods like cocobolo PLUS we take it a step further with a great bonus tip too.

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MeetTheMember JamesOrr

Luthier’s EDGE Meet The Member: James Orr

Luthier’s EDGE Meet The Member: James Orr When did you start building guitars and why? When I was in 10th grade I was playing guitar in jazz band, and the music store I went to for private lessons hosted clinics for Taylor Guitars all the time. I remember going to see Pat Kirtley, Doyle Dykes, etc. That was back in …

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