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Fanned Fret Guitars Ebook

Understanding Fanned Fret Guitars – eBook

Understanding Fanned Fret Guitars - Book Cover

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Access
  • Guitar Scale Length
  • Guitar Tone Design
  • History Of Multi-scale
  • Effects Of String Tension
  • Effects Of String Mass
  • Effects Of String Thickness
  • Overtones Series
  • Ergonomics Of Fanned Frets
  • Single Scale Problem
  • Fanned Fret Solution
  • Exclusive Video 

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The Easy Way To Understand Fanned Fret Guitars

Fanned Fret Guitar Book

At first glance the fanned fret guitar design can seem confusing or even overwhelming to a luthier. This book is designed to be a simple introduction to the fanned fret guitar and each of the different elements within it’s system, how they work together, and how to use this understanding to design your own fanned fret guitar.

This exclusive ebook also contains an easy to understand look into the important aspects of fanned fret guitars and how they effect the sound and feel of the guitar such as string tension, string mass, string thickness, overtones, and much more.

It even includes a special video on how to choose the right scale lengths for your first fanned fret guitar.

Special Video:

How To Choose The Scale Lengths For Your First Fanned Fret Guitar



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