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The Art Of Guitar Design Course

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Learn The Art Of French Polishing

Learn the art of french polishing in this detailed step by step video course, covering wood preparation, shellac, materials, pore filling, bodying, and much more!

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Guitar Making Video Courses

The Art Of French Polishing Trailer 1

The Art Of French Polishing Video Course

The Art OF French Polishing Online Video Course   What Is “The Art Of French Polishing”?   The Art Of …

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2015 07 10 1111

Free Lutherie Course: Guitar Physics, Design, & Guitar Set-Up

Lutherie Course: Guitar Physics, Design, & Guitar Set-Up In this online guitar building and setup course we will be taking …

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Guitar Making Books

Guitar making Book

The Art Of Lutherie Guitar Making Book & DVD

The Perfect Companion To Any Step By Step Guitar Building Guide With so many great step-by-step guitar making guides available, …

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Luthier Wall Chart Post Image

Luthier Wall Chart

Introducing a new resource for luthiers, designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the guitar functions acoustically. …

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Recent Guitar Making Articles & Tutorials

G2n Fan Fret 2nd Shoot 045

Fanned Fret Guitars

Many luthiers contact me each month inquiring about fanned fret guitars, ranging from general questions like “what are they” to …

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Part3 Techniques And Video

French Polishing Technique And Free Videos

Welcome to the Introduction to French Polishing Part 3: Techniques and Videos. In this installment we will be looking at the …

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Part 2 Alcohol and Oils For French Polishing

Alcohol And Oils For French Polishing

Welcome to the second installment of the Introduction To French Polishing Series: Alcohol and Oils. Just in case you missed …

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Intro To French Polishing Part 1

Introduction To French Polishing And Shellac

If you have seen a well applied French polished shellac finish, then you may have experienced the clarity, depth, and …

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IMG 0343

How To Make Guitar Purfling: Part 2

Now that we’ve talked about many different options and important details regarding our wood guitar purlfing in How To Make …

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how to make wood guitar purfling

How To Make Guitar Purfling: Part 1

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the wood purflings and bindings for your next guitar design …

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