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The Art Of French Polishing Video Course

The Art OF French Polishing Online Video Course   What Is “The Art Of French Polishing”?   The Art Of French Polishing is a carefully crafted online video course designed to help you get started out on the right track as you begin to apply this natural finish to your precious guitars or to help you get Unstuck in your french …

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Free Lutherie Course: Guitar Physics, Design, & Guitar Set-Up

Lutherie Course: Guitar Physics, Design, & Guitar Set-Up In this online guitar building and setup course we will be taking an in-depth look at not only how to properly adjust and even design certain elements of your guitar, but we will also be studying guitar physics to understand why we are taking these steps and procedures to better equip you …

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Guitar making Book

The Art Of Lutherie Guitar Making Book & DVD

The Perfect Companion To Any Step By Step Guitar Building Guide With so many great step-by-step guitar making guides available, I decided that the best way I could help the aspiring guitar builder was to share my valuable secrets that go beyond just “step-by-step”. “The Art of Lutherie” is NOT a Step By Step or How To make guitars book, …

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Luthier Wall Chart Post Image

Luthier Wall Chart

Introducing a new resource for luthiers, designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the guitar functions acoustically. My new Luthier Wall Chart, created in partnership with Mel Bay Music, is a wonderful addition to any guitar workshop for easy reference when building your guitars. There are many different manuals to show you step by step how to …

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Art Of Guitar Design

The Art Of Guitar Design Online Video Course

The Art Of Guitar Design: Online Video Course   Learn to design YOUR own truly unique guitars … YOUR Art The Art Of Guitar Design Online Video Course was designed to encourage, empower and inspire you to move beyond just making a kit guitar or a copy, but to create the unique guitars that only you can create. Luthier Tom …

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Guitar Side Sound Ports 2

Guitar Side Sound Ports

One of the things I absolutely love on virtually any guitar is a side sound port. In my opinion it improves the quality of the guitar’s voice for both the player and the listeners. I think the first side sound port guitars I saw were in the Scott Chinery Blue Guitar Collection in a book called: Blue Guitar. I was …

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Laser Cut Wood Guitar Bindings

Laser-Cut Wood Guitar Bindings Giveaway & Review

If you build or repair guitars then you’ve most likely heard of Stewart-MacDonald, I know I rely heavily on many of their specialized tools for luthiers to build my guitars. Stewart-MacDonald (Stew-Mac) is one of the leading resources for guitar making tools, parts, and supplies in the world. Recently I got a chance to check out the new Laser-Cut Wood …

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Archtop Guitar Bracing Benedetto Notes

Acoustic Archtop Guitar Bracing – Bob Benedetto

Acoustic Archtop Guitar Bracing by Bob Benedetto Archtop Guitar Bracing Patterns Most makers and players would agree that, in general, there are two preferred bracing patterns: Parallel bracing, which results in a louder, more punchy voiced guitar, and X bracing, which may best be described as being warmer and with more balance between highs and lows. The latter usually (but …

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How To Fit Braces 1

How To Fit Archtop Guitar Braces

Fitting the braces or tone bars for an archtop guitar is a critical skill to master for any luthier. The exclusive Luthier’sEDGE video shows an overview focusing on the finer points of my sanding technique used in fitting the braces. Sanding is only part of my process for fitting the braces or tone bars to an archtop guitar top, so be …

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