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Luthier’s Cabinet Blueprints & Video Course

Luthier’s Cabinet Blueprints & Video Course

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Access
  • Step By Step Tutorial
  • Why You Need a Luthier’s Cabinet
  • Guitar Shop Humidity
  • Protecting guitars in progress
  • Protecting your peace of mind
  • Guitar shop workflow
  • Materials and links
  • Blueprint Download
  • Assembly Tips
  • * 5 HD Instructional Videos Included*

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Tricks & Tips For Using Carbon Fiber Bars: Step By Step Tutorial

Taking the time to design and build my Luthier’s Cabinet was one of the best improvements I’ve ever made to my guitar shop. It not only helped to protect my guitars during the building process and improve my workflow, but most importantly it improved my peace of mind – both when I am in my shop and when I’m not.

Check out the full Video Micro Course online now and download the companion blueprints to see how building a Luthier’s Cabinet can help you build better guitars too!

5 Instructional HD Videos Included!

View the Full Mini Course Click Here

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