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Fret Saws – The Ultimate Luthier’s Guide

There are so many different types of fret saws today that it’s hard for new luthiers to know which ones to buy and how to use them. After all, cutting accurate fret...

Card Scrapers – Types, Uses, And How To Sharpen

A card scraper (also known as a scraper blade, hand scraper, or cabinet scraper) can be one of the most-used luthier tools in the workshop.  Don’t be fooled by how...

How to Choose the Best Wood Rasp for Guitar Making

What is the best wood rasp for guitar making? Well, if you've watched the video above or the one over on our Art Of Lutherie YouTube Channel, you already know what my...

The Luthier’s Guide To Tape For Guitar Making

Tape is one of the most ubiquitous tools we use for handcrafting guitars. On the surface it seems like a simple thing, some paper with sticky stuff on one side, right?...

Dust Collection – The Ultimate Luthier’s Guide

In this guide, we will look at dust collection as a system. We’ll then discuss each individual component of the system and how it can help

Calipers – The Ultimate Luthier’s Guide

The caliper (sometimes spelled “calliper” or “calipers” with an “s”) is a critical part of the luthier’s tool kit. It gives us as craftspeople a superpower. With one,...

Best Block Plane For Guitar Making

My Favorite Block Plane For Guitar MakingLinks mentioned in the video: Lie Nielson #102 Low Angle Block Plane The Art Of Lutherie Free NewsletterThe Art Of Splitting...

Kerfing Clamps & How To Build Your Best Guitars

What do kerfing clamps and the master key to help you build your best guitar ever have in common? Watch the video to find out!

Sharpening Plane Blades The Easy Way (Vlog 1)

Sharpening Planes & Chisels The Easy Way (Vlog Episode 1)The Art Of Lutherie Vlog Episode 1 - Quick Sharpening chisels and plane blades with sandpaper, my new...

Guitar Humidity (The Ultimate Guide)

Did you know that humidity, the amount of water in the air, is an invisible threat that can drastically impact the longevity of your guitars as well as the stability...

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