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Introduction To French Polishing

Introduction To French Polishing – eBook

Introduction To French Polishing - Book Cover

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Access
  • Understanding Shellac
  • Types & Colors Of Shellac
  • Types Of Alcohol for French Polishing
  • Types & Uses For Different Oils
  • Drying Oils
  • Non-Drying Oils
  • Video 1 – Making the Pad
  • Video 2 – Pore Filling Basics
  • Video 3 – Basic Technique
  • 17 Pages

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Introduction To French Polishing: Shellac, Oils, Alcohol, & More

Introduction To French Polishing ebook

When learning to French Polish a guitar, having a solid understanding of each component of the finish and what the function of each ingredient is, will set you up for success as you develop your own systems for obtaining a beautiful hand rubbed French polish finish. This book covers many foundatinal concepts in detail such as: types of shellac, alcohols and their different properties, Oils and their applications and benefits, and even includes 3 demonstration videos showing you the basic of each main technique.

In the eBook, “Introduction To French Polishing” master luthier Tom Bills shares with you the fundamentals for applying a master quality French Polish shellac guitar finish.

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