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How To Resize Purfling Veneers

How To Resize Purfling Veneers – eBook

Guitar purfling and veneer resizing tutorial - Book Cover

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Access
  • Step By Step Photos
  • Discovering Inconsistencies
  • Real VS Theoretical
  • Tips For Better Bindings
  • Techniques For Sizing
  • Moisture Compensation
  • Tons Of Other Useful Tips
  • * 13min. Step By Step Video Tutorial *

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Step By Step Tutorial & Detailed Info On how to resize purfling & veneers by hand

Veneer resizing tool

In this eBook, “How To Resize Purfling Veneers” master luthier Tom Bills shares his insights, experience, and step by step approach to ensuring that his purfling veneers are accurately and consistently sized for an easier binding process with cleaner more perfect results.

This exclusive ebook looks carefully at many different important details that will guide you to determining what size you need to make your purflings after taking into account things like glue types, swelling, and much more.

The included video tutorial takes it further as Tom explains the process in depth and demonstrates the techniques for sizing your purfling veneers by hand for better miter joints, more precise binding inlays, and other ways this simple procedure can make your binding process more consistent and easier to do.

* Exclusive 13 min. Step By Step Video Tutorial Included *


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