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How To Make Shellac In A Coffee Grinder

Quick Shellac: How To Make Shellac In A Coffee Grinder – eBook

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Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Access
  • Step By Step Photos
  • Quickest Way To Make Shellac
  • Mixing Ratios
  • Simple Shellac Recipe
  • Materials & Supplies
  • Scale
  • Bottling
  • 18 Pages

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Step By Step Tutorial & Detailed Info Making Shellac In a Coffee Grinder

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Learn the fastest and simplest way to make your shellac in this handy 18 page eBook, “Quick Shellac: How To Make Shellac In A Coffee Grinder”. In the book master luthier Tom Bills reveals his time tested and simple to follow methods for quickly mixing a batch of fresh shellac using a coffee grinder and other simple yet effective tricks.

This exclusive ebook also contains a detailed photo tutorial showing each step Tom takes to make his basic “bench cut” also know as a 2 lb cut that he uses to French Polish his guitars, plus many other helpful tips and tricks to help take the confusion out of mixing shellac.

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