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How To Make Guitar Linings Tutorial

Guitar Linings: Styles, Physics, & Tutorial – eBook

Guitar Linings - Book Cover

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Access
  • Step By Step Photo Tutorial
  • Types Of Guitar Linings
  • Physics of Guitar Linings
  • How To Make Solid Linings
  • Clamping Techniques & Cauls
  • Materials
  • Adhesives
  • Tools
  • Gluing
  • 53 Pages

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Step By Step Tutorial & Detailed Info On Guitar Linings

Guitar Linings open book

In the 53 page eBook, “Guitar Linings: Styles, Physics, & Tutorial” master luthier Tom Bills shares his real world experiences with many different types of guitar linings and reveals his time tested approach to using and making solid guitar linings for his own guitars. The different types of linings are discussed and the structural and tonal effects of each on the guitar system to help you choose which style is right for your guitars.

This exclusive ebook also contains a detailed photo tutorial showing each step Tom takes to make his solid guitar linings and thoroughly covers the tools material, adhesives, and more, that he uses to optimize the process of making the linings and the responsiveness of his guitars.

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