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How To Make A Guitar Side Sound Port

How To Make A Guitar Side Sound Port – eBook

Side Sound Port - Book Cover

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Instant Digital Access
  • Step By Step Photos
  • Science Of Sound Ports
  • Helmholtz Resonance
  • Techniques for making Gluing Caul
  • Side reinforcement
  • Materials
  • Adhesives
  • Tools
  • Hand cutting the sound port
  • 52 Pages

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Step By Step Tutorial & Detailed Info On Guitar Side Sound Ports

Side Sound Hole open book

Learn about the benefits of guitar side sound ports and how to make on on your next guitar in the 52 page eBook, “How To Make Side Sound Ports”. In this ebook master luthier Tom Bills reveals his time tested approach to designing and making guitar side sound ports. Tom shares his background and experimental journey through which he developed his current techniques including his time studying with famed recording engineer Bill Porter.

This exclusive ebook also contains a detailed photo tutorial showing each step Tom takes to build a special gluing caul, reinforcing the guitar side, hand cutting the sound port, and preparing it for binding if necessary.

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