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T3 Tuning Machine Optimization & Anchor System Tutorial

T3 Tuning Machine Anchor System

Install Guitar Tuning Machines

Features & Topics Covered:

  • Step By Step Photos
  • Tooling
  • Theory
  • Applications
  • Design
  • Final Fitting
  • Aesthetics
  • 31 Pages

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Step By Step Tutorial & Detailed Info On Optimizing Guitar Tuning Machines

Guitar Tuning machine optimization and instalation open book

In this Luthier’s EDGE exclusive tutorial, “T3 Tuning Machine Optimization & Anchor System” master luthier Tom Bills reveals his time-tested approach to optimizing the installation of guitar tuning machines for the best sustain, tuning stability, and more.

Tom shares his complete systems, tools used, and explains every step in great detail with personal stories and notes along the way.

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