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LQT 2 Guitar Tone And Brace Profiles No Button

Are You Using This Powerful Technique For Better Guitar Tone?

Welcome to this edition of Luthier Quick Tips – Shaping Guitar Tone With Brace Profiles! In this new video I explain a simple way that you can influence the acoustic tone of your next guitar to give you more artistic expression and precise control over how it will sound regardless of the bracing pattern or guitar type. Watch the video …

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Guitar Inlay QT No Play

1 Simple Trick To Take Your Guitar Inlay To The Next Level

Welcome to this episode of Luthier Quick Tips – Guitar Inlay: Color Matching! Today I want to share a simple tip that has helped me improve the cohesiveness and beauty of my guitar inlay and has contributed to the elegance of the overall guitar design, my hope is that it will do the same for you and your guitars. Watch …

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Glue For Guitars

What Is The Best Glue For Guitar Building? (Luthier Glue Guide)

Maybe you never really thought about it much or just used whatever adhesive was recommended in your instructional lutherie book or course, which is a great place to start – I know I started out that way. But as I grew as a luthier and gained experience, I began to discover a secret that helped me improve and refine my …

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Guitar Inlay Featured Image

Guitar Inlay Video Course (Learn To Do Better Inlay)

Click Here To Access The Guitar Inlay Course Guitar Inlay Video Course – FREE for Luthier’s EDGE Members Want To Take A Shortcut To Learning Guitar Inlay? “I still remember what it was like to attempt an inlay on my first guitar. I had no one to help me figure it out or show me what to do, and it …

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Guitar Inlay Design C

KISS Your Guitar Inlay (The Secret To Better Inlay Design)

When it comes to designing guitar inlay and guitar design in general for that matter, I naturally gravitate toward a less-is-more approach, and even more so the older I get and the more guitars I build. I wasn’t always that way though, and I still occasionally get carried away with something and get things overly complex. Guitar maker types like …

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Making Master Guitars Book

Making Master Guitars: An Awesome Book Every Luthier Needs!

One thing that I believe is important to keep in mind as I build my guitars each day is that I am only able to do the work I do because of the men and women who came before me. Those skilled craftspeople who were brave enough and generous enough to share their hard-won wisdom with the rest of us, …

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Guitar Tuning Machine System

Get Better Tuning Stability & Sustain: Optimizing Guitar Tuning Machines

I find that many times the act of refining the smallest details of my guitar can yield big improvements in design. A mistake that is easy to make as a luthier is to feel like the path to improving your guitar consists of some monumental task like a total redesign of your bracing, a new body shape, or a radical …

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Meet The Maker American Lutherie 125 A

The Guild Of American Lutherie: Meet The Maker Tom Bills

This morning I had an amazing experience as I sat quietly drinking a coffee and reading the latest issue of the Guild Of American Lutherie magazine. Sitting here today in my workshop at the same bench I had when I first joined the GAL (Guild Of American Lutherie) back in 1998, I couldn’t help but reflect on all the years …

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5 keys to Headstock Binding

5 Awesome Tricks For More Precise Guitar Headstock Binding

Basics Of Headstock Binding If done properly, adding wood binding and purfling to the headstock of your guitar can add a wonderful touch of elegance and refinement to your design. Additionally, I feel a bound headstock helps to tie the design of the neck/headstock portion of the guitar together visually with the body since they are both bound in similar …

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Headstock Binding Course

The Art Of Headstock Binding

Click Here To Access The Art Of Headstock Binding The Art Of Headstock Binding Luthier Video Course Learn The Techniques I Use For My Headstock Binding “Clean and precise binding around the headstock of a guitar is something I have always loved to see. It adds an elegance to the look and feel. It also helps to unify the design …

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