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Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2018’

Guitar Humidity 1

Guitar Humidity (The Ultimate Guide)

Did you know that humidity, the amount of water in the air, is an invisible threat that can drastically impact the longevity of your guitars as well as the stability and quality of the guitars you build? Properly understanding the delicate relationship between wood, water AND guitars can be very confusing, which is why I have created this special guide …

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Choosing The Right Fret Crowning File

Fret Crowning Files (Luthier’s Guide)

The importance of doing great fret work on your guitars can not be over stressed, and having the right fret crowning file can help you do your best work in less time and with less frustration. I believe quality fretwork plays a large part in making your guitars feel more comfortable and look great too. If you’re a guitar player, …

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