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Guitar Making Video Courses

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Fretwork Mastery Part 1

How To Master Your Guitar Fretwork

Guitar Fretwork Mastery is part 1 of a multipart online video course designed to help you deliver better playing, more stable, and more consistent fretwork on your next guitar.
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The Art Of French Polishing

The Art Of French Polishing Video Course

Learn The Art Of French Polishing From Master Luthier Tom Bills. 68 part HD video tutorial course, teaches step by step how to French Polish a guitar. Registration now available.

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The Art Of Headstock Binding

The Art Of Headstock Binding

Learn the secrets used by top professional luthiers to get flawless headstock binding with less stress and more control and artist freed to create just the right look for your next guitar. You’ll discover advanced concepts and tricks for bending wood, gluing, routing channels, and more that just might help you improve all your binding work.
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The Art Of Guitar Design

The Art Of Guitar Design Video Course

The Art Of Guitar Design Online Video Course was designed to encourage, empower and inspire you to move beyond just making a kit guitar or a copy, but to create the unique guitars that only you can.

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Guitar Physics Course

Guitar Physics Lutherie Course

This course is designed for luthiers of all skill levels covering the physics, design, and set-up of guitars to help you better engineer and optimize the tone and playability of your guitar. Deepening your overall understanding of how the guitar functions as a dynamic system is great for guitar players too.
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Guitar Inlay

Guitar Inlay Video Course

Learn how to inlay your guitar for the first time or refine your skills to make your work faster, easier, and less stressful. Tom’s simple guitar inlay process is covered in depth with videos of each step and helpful links to tools adhesives and more.

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Make A Fanned Fret Guitar

How To Make A Fanned Fret Guitar

Learn how to design and make a fanned fret fingerboard and incorporate the multi-scale fanned fret system into your guitars designs. More details and information coming very soon. Sign up to be notified so you don’t miss it!
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