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Veneer Resizing Tool No Button

How To Use A Veneer Thicknessing Tool To Improve Your Guitar Binding Work

I love the experience of installing the bindings and purflings on my guitars and having them perfectly and effortlessly fall into place. No stress, no pressure or forcing things, just an absolute perfect fit. Years ago I found myself wondering how to accomplish this and thankfully after many guitars and much experimenting, I eventually developed the system I currently use. …

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2015 12 09 0022

How To Make A Fanned Fret Guitar

Click Here To Access The Fanned Fret Guitar Course & More! New Video Course: How To Make A Fanned Fret Guitar My Story: The Fanned Fret Guitar Breakthrough “I started building fanned fret guitars because I liked the way they looked and thought the ergonomic benefits were great too, but I never dreamed that in the process I would stumble …

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G2n Fan Fret 2nd Shoot 045

Understanding Fanned Fret Guitars

Many luthiers contact me each month inquiring about fanned fret guitars, ranging from general questions like “what are they” to “how to make a fanned fret guitar”. There just isn’t much info out there about the topic of multi-scale or fanned fret guitars. I know for me it was a daunting process of experimenting and years of trial and error …

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Part3 Techniques And Video

French Polishing Technique And Free Videos

Welcome to the Introduction to French Polishing Part 3: Techniques and Videos. In this installment we will be looking at the basic approach I use to apply my shellac finished using the French polishing technique to my guitars. There are three special demonstration videos here to help clarify and simplify these basic concepts in order to help you grow and become …

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Part 2 Alcohol and Oils For French Polishing

Alcohol And Oils For French Polishing

Welcome to the second installment of the Introduction To French Polishing Series: Alcohol and Oils. Just in case you missed Introduction to French polishing Part 1, we covered a little history about French polishing and cleared up some common misconceptions about what French polishing is and a lot more too. Then we went on to look at the amazing material …

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Intro To French Polishing Part 1

Introduction To French Polishing And Shellac

If you have seen a well applied French polished shellac finish, then you may have experienced the clarity, depth, and richness that synthetic finishes can not duplicate, and more importantly the unique, woody, open sound that it brings to a guitar’s voice. But when you’re starting out, the technique of French polishing can be difficult if you don’t have the proper …

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IMG 0343

How To Make Guitar Purfling: Part 2

Now that we’ve talked about many different options and important details regarding our wood guitar purfling in How To Make Guitar Purfling: Part 1, we’re ready to get to work and start making our own. In the tutorial I’ll be discussing these steps in detail and showing you many very important and even critical tricks and tips I use to …

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how to make wood guitar purfling

How To Make Guitar Purfling: Part 1

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the wood purflings and bindings for your next guitar design these days. But if you’re like me, you like to be able to get just the exact types of wood and even orient the grain direction just the right way for optimal shimmer and color to bring your vision to …

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Art Of Guitar Design

The Art Of Guitar Design Online Video Course

Click Here To Access The Art Of Guitar Design Course & More! The Art Of Guitar Design: Online Video Course   Learn to design YOUR own truly unique guitars … YOUR Art The Art Of Guitar Design Online Video Course was designed to encourage, empower and inspire you to move beyond just making a kit guitar or a copy, but …

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Guitar Side Sound Ports 2

Guitar Side Sound Ports

One of the things I absolutely love on virtually any guitar is a side sound port. In my opinion it improves the quality of the guitar’s voice for both the player and the listeners. I think the first side sound port guitars I saw were in the Scott Chinery Blue Guitar Collection in a book called: Blue Guitar. I was …

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